Green tea genmaicha roasted rice

Picked coarse green tea leaves in autumn with roasted rice and matcha (Kyoto Uji Matcha). Very tasty green tea harvested in different areas of Japan, with the Japanese roasted rice and Matcha quench your thirst and give energy.

Unusual taste of green tea, combined with taste of roasted rice and Matcha surprise even avid foodies. Japanese green tea Genmaicha - a famous Japanese green tea, which is made up of tea leaves, mixed with fried rice, with the addition of powdered Japanese green tea matcha Uji (grown in the district of Kyoto). The brewed tea has a light yellow color and very mild flavor that combines a fresh, grassy taste of green tea with a sweet taste of fried rice.

1. Put 3 teaspoonful of leaves(approx.5g) into a teapot and boiled water.)
2. Steep about 30 seconds and shake a little.)
3. To serve

- Japan product
- You can drink hot or cold (very good cold during summer time)
- Quantity : 200gr

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