Mozuku seaweed

Mozuku tukudani is a type of edible Okinawa seaweed cooked in a special Sanbaizu sauce. Japanese people usually eat mozuku tsukudani with rice. Is a healthy food from Okinawa Island. Mozuku is a type of seaweed characterized by its unique viscous texture and the presence of fucoidan, which is gentle to the stomach. Characterized by its thickness and pleasing texture, Okinawan mozuku have a excellent reputation in mainland Japan. Many vitamins and minerals but low calories. The Mozuku seaweed have Anti-Cancer properties. Very good for Crohn's disease. Do you know the Mosuku diet

- Quantity: 100g
- Ready to eat
- Okinawa Product
- Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
- After opening put in the refrigerator, please enjoy as soon as possible (few weeks).

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