Fresh mozuku seaweed (Seawater)

Taste the mozuku that was nurtured by nature of Okinawa. Mozuku seaweed is a low-calorie food that contains a lot of dietary fiber and minerals. The Mozuku seaweed have Anti-Cancer properties. Presence of fucoidan, which is gentle to the stomach. Very good for Crohn's disease. The fucoidan has an antibacterial function, strengthens the immune system, improves lifestyle-related diseases such as arterial sclerosis, has a cancer preventative effect and balances intestinal health. Do you know the Mosuku diet

Benefits of Mozuku Seaweed :
Only 4 Calories per 100 Grams.
Dietary Fiber to Make Your Stomach Grow For Appetite Control.
Fucoxanthin to Burn Fat in Areas Left Untouched By Exercise.
Fucoidan for Better Stomach Condition Promoting Lifelong Health.
Effective Against Anemia Related Blood and Fixing Skin Trouble.

- Includes a bottle of shikuwasa dressing (citrus) 280ml
- Quantity: 500g
- Wash before eat
- Okinawa Product
- Storage: store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
- After opening put in the refrigerator, please enjoy as soon as possible.

For enjoy the fresh salty Mozuku :
1- Wash the Mozuku in the current water 2-3 times for delete the salt. Put the mozuku 10 to 12 minutes in fresh water bowl, rinse again. Note : If you want you can blanch for about 1 minute in boiling water and cool water immediately after
2- Put in the mozuku the shikuwasa (citrus) dressing
3- Enjoy !

Another ways you can use mosuku :
- Add it to Miso Soup (after wash)
- Strain it well and add to tempura ( video mozuku tempura recipe)
- Top a pizza with mozuku and canned tuna
- Stir Fried Gomoku Mozuku ( video Okinawan Recipe)

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