Beni imo powder (sweet purple potato)

This Beni Imo powder (100% pure) can be used to make cakes, croquettes, pancakes, cookies and ice cream !. The Beni Imo is a healthy food from Okinawa Island. The Beni Imo is a sweet purple potato and comes from the Yomitan area on Okinawa island. The Beni Imo contains many antioxidant. A lot of Betacarotene and brings fiber, iron, potassium, vitamin C and zinc. Its high rate of vitamin E is beneficial for the skin, the heart and the fertility. With 25% of glucid,it is an excellent energy source.

100% made in Okinawa

- Net weight: 100gr
- Food preservation : 1 year (keep in refrigerator)

You can find an excellent Beni Imo recipe here :
Beni Imo Cheese Cake
Beni Imo & White Sesame Marble Pound Cake
Beni Imo Dorayaki
Okinawan Sweet Potato and Haupia Pie

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